TurboVote Toolkit

Ace the Midterms

TurboVote's 2018 community-wide campaign


It’s a huge year for voting on campus, and we think our community of 100+ TurboVote partners can make a huge impact. Since we love a good pun (and ambitious goals), we are challenging each and every TurboVote campus to contribute to a total of 100,000 signups in 2018 across our entire program in order to Ace the Midterms!

We debuted this campaign in a webinar in February (if you missed it, check out the recording!), and our quarter-by-quarter advice for the year.

Quarter 2: Make a plan

Put those plans into action! Promote TurboVote and help students make a plan to vote.

Quarter 1: Set a goal

How will your campus contribute to the goal of 100,000 TurboVote signups in 2018?

Quarter 4: The final push

Empowering in-person and by-mail voters alike with the information they need to get out and vote.

Quarter 3: Take action

What strategies and tactics will your campus implement in order to reach your 2018 goal(s)?