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"In 2018, considerable effort will be placed behind the promotion of TurboVote. Mobilize Mercer will take care to promote that TurboVote can do more than facilitate voter registration. Mass emails, voter registration tabling, and campus-wide competitions are a few of the strategies that will be used to increase signups." - Mercer University's 2018 Action Plan
"The Brown Democrats, Brown Republicans, and other organizations on campus encourage voter registration and other civic engagement activities, which include but are not limited to phone banking, canvassing, co-sponsoring voter registration tables throughout campus and sponsoring debate viewing parties. These organizations also complement their efforts to increase political education and enthusiasm with TurboVote, which bolsters civil engagement by removing barriers to voter participation...we are in the process of developing a single page on our website to host TurboVote signups, share events, and otherwise cross-promote activities." - Brown University's 2018 Action Plan

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"The 2018 Voter Engagement Plan represents a significant part of [James Madison University's] civic engagement initiative, dedicated to advancing the legacy of our namesake. We are focused on connecting student participation in the democratic process with the acquisition of the necessary knowledge, skills, and values necessary for active engagement in civic and political life. We believe civic education at JMU is a private good, in that it prepares students to influence political decisions that align with their values. It is also a public good, in that our democracy needs active and responsible citizens dedicated to the common good." - James Madison University's 2018 Action Plan