TurboVote Toolkit

Admin Console

The Admin Console tracks TurboVote signups, helps facilitate follow-up with students, and is the place to go to analyze the success of efforts.

The Admin Console: the home of your TurboVote data

To access your Admin Console, please visit admin.turbovote.org and type in your email address and password. If you have any trouble logging in, please reach out to partnerships@democracy.works


The Dashboard: a data snapshot

On the dashboard, you can view your institution's total number of TurboVote signups, along with breakdowns of text and email subscriptions, voter registrations, and in person or absentee voters. 

You can get even more specific by zeroing-in on statistics over a certain time period by selecting a date range, otherwise, all-time statistics are presented.

The User Export: a data deep-dive

If you'd like to delve into your TurboVote signup data or follow up with your TurboVote users, you can export a .csv file of all users on your TurboVote site, which you can open in spreadsheet software such as Microsoft Excel. Just click on the "export" button.

Once you open the spreadsheet, you'll be able to see information about each of the users who have signed up through your site. The User Export Key will help you interpret the variety of data housed within your export.

The first few columns include the contact information that each individual has submitted through TurboVote. You can use this contact information for further outreach to your TurboVote users, such as campus-specific voting emails or GOTV calls-to-action during election time.

Another feature you can see in the export data is referral links. Referral links allow you to track the success of different types of outreach. They are unique URLs that you can create for organizations, people, or outreach tactics. Check out our referral links page for more information.

Sharing your data

The user export file contains data on every individual who has signed up on your site. This data includes names, email addresses, residential addresses, and telephone numbers. Please refrain from sharing this file via email and limit access to your administrative dashboard accordingly.

Additionally, while we do not collect or share financial data or ID numbers, we nonetheless recommend that, out of respect for your users’ privacy, you password-protect any computer onto which you have downloaded this information and erase any copies of the downloaded data that you aren’t actively using. For more information about our data policies, please see the TurboVote Privacy Policy.