TurboVote Toolkit

Administrator to Faculty

Email template

A campus administrator can let faculty know about TurboVote and give them the push to reach out to students themselves. Here is a template for a campus administrator to encourage faculty to reach out to their students about the benefits of TurboVote.

TO: Faculty and staff
FROM: [University president, provost, dean, department chair name]
SUBJECT: Join [institution name]’s efforts to increase voter engagement

Dear [faculty name],

As you may know, we have partnered with TurboVote to make voting easier for everyone at [institution name]. TurboVote’s online service provides students (and faculty!) with all the information and materials they need to vote in every election—local, state, and federal. Students can sign up in one place to get registered, request an absentee ballot if they want to vote by mail, and subscribe to text and email alerts about all the deadlines and elections that affect them as voters. 

This partnership makes it easy to encourage student involvement with elections. It is as simple as sending them an email with a link to https://[insitution name/nickname].turbovote.org/.

Will you send an email to the students in your classes by [deadline date] encouraging them to sign up for TurboVote?

Deadlines are approaching quickly. [Deadline date] is the last day for students to sign up for TurboVote in time to receive their mailed voter registration forms with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope and get registered for the upcoming election.

[University president, provost, dean, department chair name]