TurboVote Toolkit

Community Outreach

Creating a core voter engagement group on campus is important. However, outside voices can contribute useful new opinions and real-world advice.

Working with local community groups

Collaborating with groups outside of your campus can be highly valuable when engaging student voters. Outside organizations bring a new perspective and break through the “college bubble” seen on so many campuses. Bringing in representatives from local civic organizations, as well as local elected representatives, can give students a deeper understanding of the issues that are important to the local community.

Collaboration with community-based groups can take different forms.

  • Often your local election clerk will agree to help out directly with voter registration drives on campus, answering questions and helping students enter their information correctly.
  • Elected officials can help you raise awareness and excitement around election time, increasing student turnout.
  • Consider hosting a debate on campus! Invite local candidates to a forum hosted by your student government.

Working with your local elections office

County clerks and other local election officials can be invaluable assets in your efforts to promote voter engagement on campus. Our most successful partners not only work with other departments on campus, but also engage with leaders in their community, including local election authorities. These officials have institutional knowledge based on past experiences and are key players in ensuring that your voter engagement strategies are sound.

Partnering with your local election official can be beneficial for both parties.

  • Clerks and other election office staff are usually very helpful in working with students to correct mistakes and inconsistencies on their forms—since clerks process incoming voter forms, they can alert you if there are any issues.
  • If your campus has on-campus housing where students need to register using an address that they do not normally use day-to-day, your local clerk can be helpful in making sure you are formatting addresses correctly.
  • Some local election offices even have staff capacity to help register students to vote on campus, so make sure to keep them updated on any tabling events you have scheduled.
  • Not only could officials provide a helpful additional body at the table, they can also expertly answer any questions students may have when using TurboVote to register to vote or request an absentee ballot.