TurboVote Toolkit

Faculty to Students

Email template

A simple email from faculty to students can motivate students to sign up for TurboVote.

TO: Students
FROM: [Faculty name]
SUBJECT: Your role in the upcoming election

Dear students,

I know you’re busy with the beginning of the term, but I want to ask you to take a moment to make sure you can participate in the upcoming election.

Get all the information and materials you need to vote by signing up at https://[institution name/nickname].turbovote.org/.

The election is approaching quickly, and if you are a citizen over the age of 18 you have the right to vote. [Institution name] is committed to making sure every person in our community has access to the materials and information they need to vote in all their elections. This year we've partnered with TurboVote [place link to your site on "TurboVote"], an online service that allows you to sign up in one place to get registered, request an absentee ballot, and subscribe to text and email reminders about all the deadlines and elections that affect you as a voter. 

No matter whom you choose on the ballot, please take this opportunity now to participate in this important civic process.

[Faculty name]