TurboVote Toolkit

Introduce at Orientation

Sign up for classes, join clubs, and register to vote! Make voter registration and voting a part of the college experience from the moment a student steps on campus.

Why new student orientation? 

Embedding TurboVote into existing student processes and activities—like student orientation—can reach students already in the mindset to sign up for services and can set the expectation that voting is part of the college experience. Plus, new students come to campus with a variety of voter registration needs which TurboVote can help address. 

  • Students from out of state can register in their new state or sign up to receive vote by mail ballots.
  • Students who have moved within their state should re-register at their new address.
  • Students who haven't moved recently can always take advantage of TurboVote’s election reminders.

Orientation engagement avenues 

There are plenty of ways you can give students an opportunity to sign up for TurboVote during new student orientation: 

Online check-In

If your school provides a checklist of things students should do before they start classes, add signing up for TurboVote as an optional item. For more information on incorporating TurboVote into an online check-in process, check out our pre-semester online processes guide. 

Buttons and banners

If you have an online component to orientation, like class registration, include a link to your school's TurboVote site as part of that process. Don't forget to add an orientation-specific referral code to your TurboVote link, so you can easily assess impact. 

Student IDs

Weave TurboVote into the student ID process by having laptops or tablets sitting nearby, so students get their ID, sign up for TurboVote, and head on to the next thing. Any mandatory orientation process where students might have a long wait is a great opportunity to have peer-to-peer conversations about voting. 

Move-in activities 

New address, get registered! Work with residential life staff to incorporate signing up for TurboVote into the student move-in process. You could place a palm card with your school's TurboVote link in each room or work with hall leaders to help students register during their first floor meeting. Building a relationship with ResLife could help facilitate a friendly res hall signup competition later in the year, too. 

Present in an assembly

Some TurboVote partners have had great success including a presentation or video during a new student assembly. Students can then hop onto their smartphones and sign up for TurboVote before leaving the auditorium. 

It’s important to include your school name in the pitch so that the student knows you are affiliated with the university or college. They will be more likely to sign up knowing that it’s something that supports them & their school.
— Megg Murphy (2014-15 Florida State University TurboVote coordinator)