TurboVote Toolkit

Announce via Email

The magic of a mass email

One of the best ways to tell your entire community about the resources TurboVote provides is to send an all-campus email. An all-campus email can come from the president or provost of your school, or from your student government leaders. Think about who and what your students are most likely to perk up to when the email lands in their inbox.

  1. Keep messages short and to the point.
  2. Always use TurboVote referral links to track the effectiveness of different types of email campaigns.
  3. Split important messages into individual emails. For instance, send one email about registration and a separate email about absentee ballot request deadlines.
  4. Leverage upcoming deadlines to create a sense of urgency while giving students ample time to complete registration.

Skeptical? Well...

During the 2016 primary election season, Kennesaw State's Dean of Students sent a school-wide email with Georgia's registration deadline right around the corner. The result? More than 1,000 TurboVote signups in just one day! 

Email examples and templates

Ready to send out an email to the whole campus but don't know where to start? We've got you covered! Below are real-life example emails and templates geared to the email's sender. However, remember that personalization really does make a difference. Make sure to make appropriate changes or additions!

Administrator to faculty

A campus administrator can let faculty know about TurboVote and give them the push to reach out to students themselves. Here is a template for a campus administrator to encourage faculty to reach out to their students about the benefits of TurboVote.

Administrator to students

An all-campus email from a campus administrator, such as the Dean of Students, can motivate students to sign up for TurboVote. Don’t forget to include a referral link to measure the email’s effectiveness!

Faculty to students

A simple email from faculty to students can motivate students to sign up for TurboVote.

Institution president

Here’s an example of an all-campus email sent by former University of Miami President Donna Shalala to all Miami students on September 18, 2012. This email alone generated about 200 TurboVote signups at Miami!

Student government leadership

This email from the former Virginia Tech Student Government Association President and Vice President was sent out to the student body on September 24, 2013. This email, combined with Virginia Tech’s other National Voter Registration Day activities, helped more than 300 students sign up for TurboVote ahead of the Virginia gubernatorial election.

Student government president

Sometimes, emails from students to students are more likely to get opened. Take a look at this email sent by former Columbia University Student Council President Karishma Habbu on August 20, 2012.