TurboVote Toolkit

Pre-Semester Processes

Searching for the best, gold-star, crème de la crème TurboVote strategy? Want to sign up the most students with the least effort, time, and upkeep? Well, look no further.

Pre-semester processes and TurboVote

Many campuses (yours, too?) have a mandatory, pre-semester process powered by an online student portal like PeopleSoft. Students must complete items like updating emergency contacts, mailing address, and health information before they can start classes. Unlike a table in a student center or a voluntary event, this checklist is the bottleneck-of-all-bottlenecks, since each and every student on campus must pass through it to, well, be a student! 

Our recommendation: place voter registration through TurboVote as another item in this online checklist.

Placing voter registration on this list means...

  • Each and every student must make a choice to sign up for TurboVote or take an active step to opt-out.
  • Your institution ensures that being a voter becomes the default student experience.

This is the closest strategy our TurboVote team has to a silver bullet, and we'd love to help make it happen on your campus, too! Read through the case study below for ideas, tips, and troubleshooting, and please contact us at partnerships@turbovote.org for any advice.

Success stories

The campuses below executed this strategy on their campus—but the path each took to placing TurboVote within their pre-semester check-in is unique! Click on the logo of each institution below to open up their case study to learn how they did it and get tips of how you can do it on your campus, too.