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Announcing your institution’s partnership with TurboVote can be a great way to get the attention of the wider community and can help you begin to build a coalition for voter engagement on campus.

Dawn Howard
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BOCA RATON, FL (September 18, 2012) – Florida Atlantic University and TurboVote have reached an agreement to partner for the upcoming 2012 presidential election on Tuesday, November 6. TurboVote is a web-based service provided by the nonprofit organization Democracy Works, Inc. that allows users to request voter registration materials and absentee ballots online and even receive reminders of election dates and poll closings via text messages.

“Because FAU’s partnership with TurboVote will make it more convenient for our students to register to vote and to vote absentee, it will make it easier for them to participate in the electoral process and in turn help them become more involved citizens,” said Kevin Lanning, Ph.D., professor of psychology in the Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College at FAU. “This is central to our mission as a public university."

FAU encourages students to become knowledgeable about civic issues and the importance of voting as a means to practicing good citizenship. FAU is helping students, faculty and staff register to vote and providing various opportunities for the university community to be informed at the ballot box leading up to Election Day.

This free service is sponsored by the FAU President’s Office, Student Government, the Weppner Center for Civic Engagement & Service, and the Division of Student Affairs.

For more information, visit fau.turbovote.org or contact Nori Carter at xxx-xxx-xxxx or xxxxxxxx@fau.edu.