TurboVote Toolkit

Promote in the Classroom

Voter engagement is not just an extracurricular! Get faculty involved to provide students with additional info about TurboVote in lecture halls and discussion groups across campus.

Ways to engage in a classroom setting

Professors and instructors can play an important role in voter registration. TurboVote’s technology makes it easy to bring voter engagement into the classroom without the professor or instructor having to know all the different requirements for each state or having to keep track of paper forms.  

Almost every method of bringing TurboVote into the classroom is effective—from small things like mentioning the program to more substantial integrations, such as encouraging students to spend class time helping their peers register to vote. Encourage professors to find their own creative ways to incorporate TurboVote and voter engagement into their existing programs and syllabi. 

Send an email.

Providing an entire class TurboVote information in an email is one of the simplest and most effective ways for faculty to engage their students. Here are email examples and templates that some of our partner institutions have used in the past.

Place within the syllabus.

Have faculty include a link to your institution’s TurboVote site on their e-course page or syllabi.

Make a presentation.

Ask faculty to give students five minutes at the beginning of class to make the pitch for signing up for TurboVote.

Integrate into the curriculum.

Better yet, incorporate voter registration and engagement into the curriculum of First Year Experience (FYE) courses! 

Start a competition!

Have TAs for different sections of a class engage their students in a competition by giving each a referral link for TurboVote and see which can get the most students to sign up.

Not all faculty have the time to create new ways incorporate voter engagement into their coursework. You can support these time-strapped faculty by providing them with the language and materials needed in order to promote voter registration via TurboVote (think: TurboVote basics). Faculty members simply need to share with their students a link to your institution’s TurboVote site and encourage them to register to vote, request an absentee ballot, or request election reminders via the site.