TurboVote Toolkit

Referral Links

Referral links are the best way to track the effectiveness of your TurboVote engagement strategies on campus.

What are referral links?

Referral links, or custom signup URLs, make it possible for you to track, measure, and evaluate a variety of engagement efforts. For instance, you can see how many TurboVote signups originated from an all-campus email compared to outreach by a certain student group by giving each initiative a distinct referral link.

In practice, it looks like this. Students who sign up after clicking the standard link on the below-left would count toward your total TurboVote signup count, accessed via your Admin Console. But since there is no referral code within that link, you wouldn't be able to differentiate how many of your total users signed up from this particular tweet. However, the example on the below-right shows a link with a referral code attached. You'll then be able to track signups through that tweet because each student's TurboVote information would be associated with the code GOTV.

Creating a new referral link

Step 1: Click HERE to use our Referral Link Generator.

Step 2: Select your school from the dropdown menu in Column A. Type your preferred referral code in Column B. This can be the name of the organization, individual, or tactic that you'd like to track. For example, you could use GOTV for a "Get Out The Vote" initiative for students. Press ENTER, and your URL will appear in Column C. Repeat as needed!

Remember, when creating the names for your referral codes, make sure to use something descriptive, so that you can track outreach methods year-to-year.

Step 3: Simply add the generated referral link to your outreach materials for the initiative you’re running and share!

Exporting referral link data

If you would like to take a closer look at the information captured by the referral links, you may download a .csv of your institution’s TurboVote signup data from your Admin Console.


The data about which users signed up through which referral codes is available in the partner export under the column labeled “referral-code." In the image, you can see two users who signed up for TurboVote via the GOTV referral link and two who did not use the referral link.