TurboVote Toolkit

Table with TurboVote

Tabling is a tried and true voter engagement tactic on campus. But that doesn't mean it has to be traditional! Follow these tips to take your tabling to the next level with TurboVote.

High-traffic tabling tips

Sometimes, catching students during a moment of downtime can be a great way to initiate a conversation about voting. Situating tables in high-traffic areas, like a student union, dining hall, or near the bookstore at the beginning of the term, can be a great opportunity to get students signed up for TurboVote.

Pick a high foot-traffic location.

The college quad, dining hall, or a large school event are great venues. 

Make sure you have reliable internet connection.

TurboVote works well on laptops, tablets, and smartphones using both WiFi or cell data, but issues may arise with unstable internet. If connection is unreliable, you may need to get a signal booster or find a different spot to set up.

Give your (small) table staff distinct roles.

Keep one volunteer behind the table to manage signups and one in the crowd to greet students and encourage signups face-to-face. And don’t overwhelm people by having too many volunteers staffing your table; make sure your volunteers are engaged and friendly, but not overly pushy. You don’t want to scare people away!

Invite community groups.

It can be great to invite representatives from community groups, such as the League of Women Voters or your local election clerk, to table with you and your student volunteers. They have a wealth of knowledge and a great interest in helping everyone register and vote successfully.

Refresh TurboVote with each new signup.

When a student finishes their signup, refresh your TurboVote site instead of clicking the back button through each page, which would override the previous person's information. If you're using a referral code to track signups generated through tabling, make sure to paste the link anew each time. 

"Already registered? Well, TurboVote can send you election reminders..."

When tabling, remember that TurboVote does much more than just facilitate voter registration. The text and/or email election reminders and the vote-by-mail request forms are both very valuable services. If your student body is already civic-minded, you may find that a lot of them have already registered to vote. Make sure they know that TurboVote can still be of great use to them.

Offer free food!

Offer some free food—popcorn, cookies, pizza, donuts, vegan granola bars—to entice students to come over and spend a moment. Make sure they know they may have the treat whether they sign up or not.

Success is not just in the numbers.

Even if your tabling efforts don't garner a lot of signups, they can still be helpful to your overall program. Hanging TurboVote posters on your table, keeping laptops with the TurboVote page facing out, or handing out TurboVote flyers or stickers are all great ways to let your students know that TurboVote is a service available to them. The more a student has heard of TurboVote, the more likely they are to sign up when they check their grades, for example.