TurboVote Toolkit

The Stories Behind the Plans

Browse through these universities' blog posts to learn about how they created their robust 2018 action plans!


"Our goal is for the whole USF campus to recognize that USF Votes provides opportunities to mobilize, share your voice, and make it heard on campus and at the ballot box. 2018 is a pivotal year for us, and young people are at the forefront of change; let’s Ace the Midterms!"

-Angeline Vuong
Assistant Director, Leadership & Community Engagement

"With more than 66,000 students, 33,000 faculty/staff, five regional campuses, and only 24 OSU Votes ambassadors, the scale of Buckeye Nation can feel overwhelming. In turn, one of our first goals was building a campus coalition to help us get the word out."

-Matt Van Jura
Assistant Director, Leadership & Community Engagement

"The Gephardt Institute’s voter engagement efforts are organized into three main phases, starting with voter registration and WashU Votes engagement... The last phase will consist of get out the vote efforts beginning in late October and data analysis following the election."

Tory Scordato
Voter Engagement Fellow


"At the University of Utah, we believe every election is important; and with students from every precinct in the state, there’s always a need for ongoing voter registration and turnout efforts. These initiatives often take shape as annual events, bi-annual debates, and regular voter registration drives."

- Michaela Lemen
The Andrew Goodman Foundation, Ambassador

"We’ve learned a great deal in the process about our student population, and their needs in regards to voter registration. With our planning and organization we’re able to continue improving annually based on our prior efforts."

- Ryan Keesee
Assistant Director, Volunteerism & Service-Learning