TurboVote Toolkit

TurboVote Basics

New to TurboVote? Read on to learn all about the tool and what it provides for students and campus administrators.

What is TurboVote? 

TurboVote is an online service to help students vote in every election—local, state, and national—and is developed by Democracy Works, a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization that works to simplify the voting process.

What does TurboVote give students?


1. Registering to vote

TurboVote makes registering to vote quick and easy to do on their own time. It guides students through the process required for registration, no matter the state in which they want to vote (e.g. their home state or college state). In states that offer online voter registration, TurboVote presents that option and provides information on important eligibility requirements, such as type(s) of ID needed to complete the state's online process. TurboVote can also help students register to vote using a paper form. It gathers the information needed to fill in the student’s registration form and sends them a digital copy, as well as a paper copy, if they prefer.

All the student has to do is get the form in the mail, read the included instructions, sign the form (and sometimes fill in an ID number), and pop the form back into the pre-stamped envelope from TurboVote. Additionally, their election official's address is enclosed, so there is no need to search for that information. As soon as the student puts the form in the mail, their registration will be on its way to the right place!


2. Voting by mail

When applicable based on a student's state, TurboVote facilitates voting by mail or requesting an absentee ballot, a process which can typically be frustrating and time-consuming for students away from home. Similar to voter registration, TurboVote will provide the student with a digital copy of their absentee ballot request form at the end of their signup, but can also mail the form to the student along with a pre-stamped envelope. Once the student fills out their form and mails it to the proper election authority, they should expect to receive a by-mail ballot in advance of their next election. 


3. Remembering to vote

TurboVote helps students vote by sending reminders for the elections for which they're eligible to vote—national, state, and local. Students can choose to receive reminders by email, text, or both. These reminders alert students 30 days before an election and the day before. If they have elected to vote in-person, TurboVote will also provide their polling place address, hours of operation, and any ID requirements, when available.

What does TurboVote give administrators, faculty, and other implementers?

TurboVote makes it possible for colleges and universities to conduct voter engagement efforts efficiently and effectively. Students have an array of personalized voting needs, from voter registration to ballot request requirements to deadlines—and it’s logistically prohibitive for an institution to meet these needs for every student.

With TurboVote, you can promote student voter engagement with a largely hands-off, personalized-by-state system. Additionally, TurboVote makes it easy for you to track and monitor engagement efforts through the TurboVote Admin Console

I know this will make a big difference in getting people to the polls and more engaged.
— Dr. Eduardo J. Padrón (President of Miami-Dade College)