TurboVote Toolkit


The TurboVote Toolkit is your TurboVote higher education implementation encyclopedia. Browse through to get started, promote, and institutionalize the tool.

Get started

Has your campus just started to implement TurboVote? This section will help you through the beginning stages of your implementation. It offers basic information about TurboVote as well as a guide to our favorite TurboVote-starter activity, sending an all-campus email.

Place online

Incorporating TurboVote into existing campus IT infrastructure is key in making TurboVote a part of daily student life. Students spend a lot of time online for both academic and social purposes, so promoting TurboVote online helps meet students where they are. Look to this section for IT how-to's and best practices from TurboVote partner campuses.

Build a program

Want to keep the TurboVote success going? Planning for the years to come is key to continued success, and central to that is building your team! In this section, we highlight strategies and groups to pursue as you institutionalize TurboVote on campus, as well as success stories to provide ideas.

Promote in-person

While TurboVote can essentially "run itself" online, you may want to also pursue in-person voter engagement strategies to put a face to the tool and generate buzz! You can consider tying these into already-planned civic engagement programming and ramping up tactics closer to elections.


A one-stop shop for quick solutions, this portion of the Toolkit offers an FAQ section, a convenient resource library with downloadable PDF one-pagers and reports, and a list of our current partners. We even have a guide to other initiatives in the civic engagement space that might prove useful. Help yourself!